Transformation Guide

Autobots 1987
    Name    Transformation(s)
  Cloudraker Red/Grey futuristic plane
  Fastlane Red/Grey futuristic car
                                               Double Spy
  Punch/Counterpunch Dark Blue/Yellow/Red Pontiac Fierro
 Blue/White/Grey futuristic jet
    Blue/Grey Headmaster figure
 Brown/Red/Tan futuristic car
    Red/Grey Headmaster figure
 Green/Grey futuristic tank
    Green/Grey Headmaster figure
 Blue/Grey futuristic two-rotor helicopter
    Blue/Grey Headmaster figure
                                               Headmasters Base
  Fortress Maximus
 Grey/Red/White city/battle station
    Grey Headmaster figure for Fortress Maximus
    Grey Headmaster figure for Cerebros
    Grey transport vehicle
    Blue transport vehicle
  Doublecross Grey/Red/White two-headed dragon
  Grotesque Red/Grey/White/Blue sabretooth tiger
  Repungus Yellow/Red/White humanoid insect monster
 Blue futuristic car
    Grey Targetmaster figure
 Blue/Red futuristic truck
    Brown/Grey Targetmaster figure
 Red/Orange/Yellow futuristic car
    Grey Targetmaster figure
 Blue futuristic truck
    Blue/Grey Targetmaster figure
 Red/Blue futuristic car
    Red/Brown Targetmaster figure
 Yellow/Orange dune buggy
    Brown/Grey Targetmaster figure
  Afterburner Brown/White futuristic motorcycle
  Lightspeed Red/White futuristic car
  Nosecone Orange/White futuristic drill tank
  Strafe Orange/Red/White futuristic jet
  Scattershot (Leader) Red/White/Brown futuristic jet/gun emplacement
                -The Technobots merge to form Computron-
  Chase Red Ferrari
  Freeway Blue Corvette
  Goldbug Gold Volkeswagen Beetle
  Rollbar Green Jeep CR-1
  Searchlight White Ford RS200
  Wideload Orange dump truck
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Decepticons 1984
    Name    Transformation(s)
  Overkill Grey cassette/tyrannosaurus rex
  Slugfest Green cassette/stegosaurus
  Pounce Green/Grey/Purple puma
  Wingspan Green/Grey/Purple hawk
  Battletrap Blue truck and Grey Apache helicopter
  Flywheels Red Stealth jet and Grey tank
 Brown/Purple/Grey bat
    Grey/Orange Headmaster figure
 Green/Purple/White alligator
    Green/Grey Headmaster figure
 Yellow/White/Olive wolf
    Grey Headmaster figure
                                               Headmasters Base
    -Lord Zarak
    -Fast Track
 Green/Purple/Orange Fortress/Scorpion
    Purple/Cream Headmaster figure
    Grey/Orange six-wheeled car
 Black/Silver/Purple gorilla/futuristic jet
    Purple/Silver Headmaster figure
 Grey/Silver/Purple dinosaur/futuristic jet
    Orange/Silver Headmaster figure
                                               Six Changer
  Six Shot White/Green futuristic jet/futuristic car/laser pistol/flying wolf/
 futuristic tank
 Purple/Grey futuristic jet
    Targetmaster figure
 Red/Grey futuristic jet
    Targetmaster figure
 Grey/Blue hovercraft
    Targetmaster figure
 Blue/Grey futuristic jet
    Targetmaster figure
 Blue/White futuristic jet
    Targetmaster figure
  Blot Blue/Purple monster
  Cutthroat Orange/Green bird monster
  Hun-Gurrr (Leader) Grey/Purple two-headed dragon
  Rippersnapper Grey/Blue land-shark monster
  Sinnertwin Olive/Yellow two-headed dragon
                -The Terrorcons merge to form Abominus-
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