Transformation Guide

Autobots 1986
    Name    Transformation(s)
  Air Raid Black F-15 Eagle
  Firefight Red F-4 Phantom II
  Skydive Grey F-16 Fighting Falcon
  Silverbolt (Leader) White SST jet
  Slingshot White Sea Harrier FRS.Mk 2 jet
                -The Aerialbots merge to form Superion-
  Blurr Blue futuristic car
  Hot Rod Red/Orange/Yellow sports car
  Kup Blue futuristic pickup truck
                                               City Commander
  Ultra Magnus
    -with trailer
 White Freightliner COE Dual-Axle tractor truck
    Red/White/Blue car carrier/body armor
  Eject Blue cassette/robot
  Ramhorn Brown cassette/rhino
  Rewind Black cassette/robot
  Steeljaw Yellow cassette/lion
  Rodimus Prime Orange/Red futuristic Winnebago
  Wreck-Gar Orange/Red/Yellow motorcycle
  Hubcap Yellow Toyota/Porsche 924 Turb
  Outback Brown Land Rover Defender 4 x 4
  Pipes Blue trailer cab
  Swerve Red/White 4WD off-road truck
  Tailgate White modified Pontiac Trans Am
  Wheelie Orange futuristic car
  Blades White Super Huey helicopter
  First Aid White ambulance
  Groove White Honda Goldwing motorcycle
  Hotspot (Leader) Blue firetruck
  Streetwise White Nissan 300 ZX police car
                -The Protectobots merge to form Defensor-
                                               Space Shuttle
  Sky Lynx White Space Shuttle (bird) with Blue cargo carrier (lynx)
                                               Triple Changers
  Broadside Grey jet/aircraft carrier
  Sandstorm Orange dune buggy/helicopter
  Springer Green helicopter/futuristic car
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Decepticons 1984
    Name    Transformation(s)
  Runabout Black Pontiac Trans Am
  Runamuck White Pontiac Trans Am
  Spectro Black camera flashbulb
  Spy Glass Black camera lens
  Viewfinder Grey camera shutterpiece
                -Spectro, Spy Glass, and Viewfinder merge to form Reflector (camera)-
  Ratbat Purple cassette/bat
    -Full Tilt
 Grey city/tyrannosaurus rex
    Purple car/robot
    Purple tank/city parts
                                               City Commander
  Galvatron Grey/Blue laser cannon/pistol
  Blast Off Black/Brown Space Shuttle
  Brawl Green Leopard 1 tank
  Onslaught (Leader)  Green flatbed truck with cannon
  Swindle Brown Jeep
  Vortex Grey Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk/GKN Westland Super Sea
 Lynx Mk88A helicopter
                -The Combaticons merge to form Bruticus-
  Cyclonus Purple futuristic jet
  Scourge Grey/Blue hovercraft
  Divebomb Black/Orange hawk
  Headstrong Red/Orange rhinocerous
  Rampage Red/Orange tiger
  Razorclaw (Leader) Black/Yellow lion
  Tantrum Red/Orange bull
                -The Predacons merge to form Predaking-
  Gnaw Violet/Grey/Blue shark/monster
  Breakdown White Lamborghini Countach LP500S
  Dead EndRed Porsche 928
  Drag Strip Yellow Tyrrell P34 Six-Wheeler F-1 racer
  Motormaster (Leader) Grey tractor trailer
  Wildrider Grey Ferrari 308GTB
                -The Stunticons merge to form Menasor-
                                               Triple Changers
  Octane White tanker truck/jumbo jet
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