Transformation Guide

Autobots 1985
    Name    Transformation(s)
  Grapple Orange Crane
  Hoist Green Toyota 4WD Wrecker tow-truck
  Inferno Red Firetruck
  Red Alert White Lamborghini Countach LP500S fire escort
  Skids Blue Honda City Turbo Van
  Prowl White Datsun 280ZX police cruiser
  Rachet White Toyota Previa/Nissan Onebox van/ambulance
  Sideswipe Red Lamborghini Countach LP500S
  Smokescreen Red/Blue Datsun 280ZX
  Tracks Blue Chevorlet Corvette Stingray
 White city/battle station
    Black car/robot
    Red/White robot/tower/guns
    White tank/tower
  Blaster Red/Beige Ghetto blaster w/ cassette
                                               Defense Base
  Omega Supreme Grey defense base/space rocket/tank
                                               Deluxe Vehicles
  Roadbuster Brown 54AR Variable Vehicle 4WD
  Whirl Blue 64MR Variable helicopter
  Grimlock (Leader) Silver/Grey triceratops
  Slag Silver/Grey triceratops
  Sludge Silver/Grey apatosaurus
  Snarl Silver/Grey stegosaurus
  Swoop Silver/Grey tyrannosaurus
  Topspinr Blue/White rocket sled
  Twin Twist Blue/White drill tank
  Beachcomber Blue dune buggy
  Cosmos Green flying saucer
  Powerglide Red A-10 Thunderbolt II airplane
  Seaspray Blue/White/Yellow hovercraft
  Warpath Red Sheridan tank
  Perceptor Red Microscope
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Decepticons 1985
    Name    Transformation(s)
  Bonecrusher Lime bulldozer
  Hook Lime crane
  Longhaul Lime dump truck
  Mixmaster Lime cement truck
  Scavenger Lime digger
  Scrapper (Leader) Lime payloader
                -The Constructicons merge to form Devastator-
                                               Military Operations Commander
  Shockwave Purple laser gun
                                               Deluxe Insecticons
  Barrage Green beetle
  Chop Shop Brown lamelacorn
  Ransack Black locust
  Venom Green/Orange/White tse tse fly
  Bombshell Black/Purple boll weevil (or rhinoceros beetle)
  Kickback  Black/Purple grasshopper
  Shrapnel Black/Purple stag beetle
  Dirge Blue jet
  Ramjet White fighter jet
  Thurst     Red VTOL fighter jet
                                               Triple Changers
  Astrotrain Purple/Black space shuttle/C62 steam locomotive
  Blitzwing Purple/Beige MiG-25 Foxbat jet/Mitsubishi Type 74 Main Battle Tank
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